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Season Finale Match Preview

Season Finale Match Preview

James Barden5 Apr - 17:22
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Match preview curated by our very own Chris Todd in anticipation for tomorrows three big senior fixtures!

The First XV hop over the South Downs to Rugby Camp at Hilsea on Saturday, to play their final league game of season 2023-24. Promotion appears to be ensured as the First XV and Second XV have won their leagues though the club are not assuming anything until confirmed by the competitions committee.

Field go to Portsmouth with a strong squad with few changes other than positional. Captain Matt Momber at six and Rhys Bowen returned from injury taking the eight jersey. Toby Colwood moves to left wing, Greg Jansen returns but at right wing rather than his more accustomed position in the centres. Sam Dawes retains his place at fullback after
scoring two tries from there against Ellingham and Ringwood.

A strong bench of forwards Dan Luff and Ryan Wilkie with the returning Miles Sampson covering the backs add to the strength of the squad. A surprise omission from the playing team is so far this the season’s top try scorer George Davis who appeared to hobble off when replaced against Ellingham and Ringwood.

Portsmouth in fifth place in the league have had an up and down season not helped by injuries and availability within their squad, they last won, at home on 9 March, against second placed Andover 36-15. Petersfield will not be complacent as old rivals Portsmouth will be hoping to break the visitor’s unbeaten league campaign.

A word from 1st XV captain Matt Momber

"It’s been a truly special season for this squad, double promotion and the chance to go undefeated is unbelievable!
That being said, we’ve got a tough challenge against Portsmouth coming our way, we’re ready for that and buzzing to sign the league off in the right way!"

1st XV to face Portsmouth RFC

1.Jackson Clark
2. ⁠Sam Brown
3. ⁠Dan Sargent
4. Zak Jenkins
5. ⁠Franko Tomic
6. ⁠Matt Momber
7. ⁠Karter Whittock
8.⁠ Rhys Bowen

9. ⁠Alex Duffus
10. ⁠Nick Blumlien
11. ⁠Toby Colwood
12. ⁠Will Mathews
13. ⁠Matt McLean
14. ⁠Greg Jansen
15. ⁠Sam Dawes

16. ⁠Dan Luff
17. ⁠Ryan Wilkie
18. ⁠Miles Sampson

Water technicians: Joe Knowles and George Davis.

Petersfield supporters will be spoilt for choice as a journey down the A3 to watch the First XV will be weighed against two home fixtures. The Seconds welcoming Farnham III and the Thirds Farnham IV to Penns Place. There’s little to go on form for these fixtures as although the Hampshire 5 North League fixture list has unbeaten Petersfield II playing Farnham IV there has been a team swap at Petersfield with Fields thirds fulfilling the league fixture while the seconds take on the unknown quantity of Farnham’s Thirds.

Once again Petersfield can select two extra squads both with a reputation of playing to a high standard. The Second Squad includes twelve players who this season have been selected for the First XV.

A word from 2nd XV captain Mark Butcher

What a season it has been for the 2XV. Unbeaten in the league, Winning the league and good numbers weekly at training. I am proud to have Captained such an awesome squad of players and look forward to what next season holds for the 2XV.

2nd XV to face Farnham III

1. Mark Butcher
2. Andy Garland
3. Eryn Eales
4. Tom Potter
5. Oil Hunt
6. Toby Booth
7. Jake Bosher
8. Ryan Morse

9. Ethan Ogilvie
10. Jay Bremner
11. Ethan Horsfall
12. Andy Wood
13. Jordan Allan
14. Will Pritchard
15. Joe Potter

16. Jamie Hobbs
17. ⁠Harry McGarr
18. Tom Land
19. Eddie Mathews
20. Jim Tribe

The thirds will add colour, ambition and some talent to the pitches at Penns Place, with several players previously selected within the Second XV squad

A word from 3rd XV centre Connah Bason

To sign off the season with 3 full teams just shows the dedication this club carries, we will be looking to finish off the season in style with 3 big wins ready for an important cup run

3rd XV to face Farnham XV

1. Jorge Villalon
2. Dave Hellard
3. Kyle Babbage
4. James Taylor
5. Jon Horsfall
6. Josh Wilson
7. Josh Whitear
8.Jon Holroyd
9. Monty Newton
10. Gareth Williams
11. Gerry Devlin
12. Sam Wilks
13. Connah Bason
14. Henry Swanston
15. Joel Babbage

Alex Evans
Danny freeman
Tim Jones
Dan Keepax 
Kris Roepker

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